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plastic shipping straps , Don't trust them

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  • plastic shipping straps , Don't trust them

    So last Tues i was tugging a heavy skid and the strap snapped and with great vigor i flew back
    into the jack post on the pallet mover ... Managed not to break any ribs but really sore and bruised.
    Laughing , sneezing or coughing are the current nemesis... (big word for me , must be the drugs)
    Using mechanical grabbers , a walker and sleeping in a power chair. etc ...
    I might write something about this event for the IDQ as it will be one of my "stories".
    ... Thinking of being a new victim for the "Help ' I've fallen and can't get up " adverts as this happened
    in the unheated warehouse and was there laying on the floor around 10 minutes before someone came out
    and didn't see me and didn't have enough breathe to call out... I'll stop here so as not to cut into
    anything i might write in IDQ..
    Anyway , after 6 days of healing , i'm still using a walker but have unlocked the brakes and improving and
    got into this chair so i could check the internet ... If the next post on here is mine , it will be because
    i'm stuck here and are awaiting my wife to help me up... I still have my strange humor

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    Sorry for your luck Ron. I always wonder about those straps when I'm picking up heavier parts like turbos and compressors. I'll either drop it on my foot or punch myself in the face!


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      Go easy there Ron. Save the tugging and pulling for sled shows. Nobody is going to give you any "Atta boys" for moving something at work that needs a forklift. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.


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        we R not as young as we think we are anymore, stay safe Ron


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          Being younger might have helped in recovery BUT doubt it... Maybe boxer training ?
          As I was down for the count with just one blow.