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My aging back!

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  • My aging back!

    I have a 1996 Formula III 600 that I have ridden and loved since about the year 2000. I haven't been riding it for the last two years for lack of snow so I decided to do some improvements and repairs. I found and installed an sc10-3 rear skid out of an 02 MXZ and a new 1 inch paddle ripsaw track. I also went through the carbs and figured out why it's been running a bit off.
    We have a bit of snow so I took it for the first ride in years. Wowee is it fast and fun but I came home wishing I had been riding my 2008 Skidoo Renegade. The whole time I felt like I was riding a very fast football. I'm so used to the rider forward platform now that I came home with a sore back.
    Or is it just old age???? Lol

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    I'm pretty sure it's the second one Ray.....but let's just stick with the first one.....


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      Ya but Ray. What do you expect


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        I loved my 96 FIII, fast and heavy, 535lbs dry if I remember right.Bought it new and put 8000miles on in with the only problem being a broken limiter strap that was replaced under warranty. Rode a 98 FIII700 for two winters and then put 21,000kms on an 03REV600. No more long distance sleds for me now, only the odd run on the antiques.


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          still driving my 77 sno jet sst that they forgot to put any suspension 4 seasons have averaged a good 1000 plus miles on the old gal with the vintage pass...took her a year or two ago from New Hamburg to Owen Sound and back.....hitting my mid 50's so we will see how long this