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Shelburne show? Morrison Flats?

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  • Shelburne show? Morrison Flats?

    Are these shows happening????? Dates????

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    The Shelburne show is Saturday, July 14th at Fiddle Park in Shelburne.

    The Morrison Flats show ran for 20 years and Bob, Roy and company decided to step away a few years ago. Recently they did say that if someone wanted to do the enormous amount of work needed to put the show on then they would provide the location. It had been held on the weekend before Labour Day but so far there has been no word on a resurrection. What would it be called? Flats Revisited?

    I plan on being at the Shelburne show to vend and show. I may even camp over on the Friday. Looking forward to it. Only a couple of months away.


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      Have to do a rewind on the Shelburne show. Spoke with the organizer today and he let me know there is a possibility that the land where the show is held may be sold. He may know more shortly so don't book the holidays just yet.
      On another note, the organizer informed me that he is hoping to be able to hold another show at another location, near Shelburne, in the fall. Regardless of the outcome of the sale.

      So stay tuned I will try to keep you all informed.


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        Don't forget about the Aug 11 & 12th show in Port Hope.