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WTB - Elan steering post and handlebars

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  • WTB - Elan steering post and handlebars

    Out and about on the trusty 77 Elan Deluxe today....and this happened. Snapped the handlebars from the steering post. Since it's a high stress part, I'd prefer to replace it, rather than weld it. I live around Freelton. Hopefully someone not too far away has one they are looking to sell.

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    I would pull the steering out and make a sleeve to go inside the tube and one to go on the outside as well. Notch the outer to fit around the cross bar portion tightly. Weld the inner to the lower and the upper portion. Grind the weld smooth enough to allow the outer sleeve to slide up and over the repair and mate with the cross bar with the notch. Weld this outer sleeve and smooth it down and paint with some chrome paint for looks. Looks like the handle bar pad will cover most of it when finished. If the repair is going to line up with the guide for the steering shaft, which it doesn't in the photo, then just do the inner sleeve. It will probably be stronger then the original even if you can find a replacement.
    I can't tell in the photo but if the shaft has broken off right at the cross bar then the sleeve repair wont be possible. In this case I would weld the shaft to the cross bar then make a strap to wrap over the cross bar and down each side of the shaft. Weld the top to the cross bar to hold it in place. Then heat the strap with a torch and bend it over and down and around the shaft to fit tightly. Then weld it to the shaft. Takes some work but it wont break at the cross bar again which is where most of the load is. Some may say it will just break at another place but further out the load is less and the strap (or the sleeves) really strengthen the part.
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      Yeah, It snapped off right at the cross bar. I could get the bar welded back on, and I think maybe a couple triangles on the top and bottom for strength...... that may be the route I need to take. Elan parts or parts sleds are hard to come by for reasonable prices.

      Believe it or not, the elan is my "daily driver", and I'm weighing in at 270 pounds... while my 65 pound son rides the 88 Safari.... since all the snow is gone, and it feels like spring, I have a little bit of time to figure it out.
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