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White fever hits Niagara

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  • White fever hits Niagara

    Called in to work this morning with white fever lol. We are finally getting a taste of winter in Niagara. So far in Smithville we have over six inches of snow and it's still coming. Add to that the blowing and drifting and it's a winter wonderland. Took today and tomorrow off work to be at home with the kids for some snowmobiling and good old fashioned tobaggoning. Have to enjoy it while it's here so work can wait.

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    Here in London through last weekend until yesterday we had some serious lake effect white outs that were hit and miss. Only added up to about 2 inches in my part of the area. More fell north of the city. Some roofs are white but the grass is showing through for the most part. We didn't get much more from this last blow. Thin cloud and sun all day.
    Sleds are all put away until June or July shows and the race bike is in the trailer. I'll be riding in 2 weeks or so. Race season begins April 30th. Local track(all sand) had practice on Family Day weekend. I was in Listowel for a sled show that weekend.
    Good on ya for taking advantage of the snow while you have it Ray. It doesn't come along often.
    The local sled club trail markers and signs are already removed here.
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      if you get caught by police on a road ... they might not know what you are riding ... your sleds are older than most constables..

      Just start telling them all about your collection , the fun of finding parts , all the great "old" people you have met and
      pretty soon they might let you go with a warning rather than listen .
      Worked for me at the border ,,, he started asking the normal questions and they made the mistake of asking to look in the trailer,,, I had just
      started into my spew about fluid drive sleds and he quickly stopped paying attention and moved the pylon and sent me on my way.


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        Thanks for the sage advice Ron. I will definitely use that one day. Lol


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          It's melllllllllllllting. Wiping tears away.