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Help with two 377 rotax

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  • Help with two 377 rotax

    Help guys. I have a 91n safari 377 and 96 touring 377, both ran last winter just fine. Parked in garage over the summer, went to start today, new plugs new gas. Both sleds have very weak spark. What do i check guys as there is not enough spark to start. The safari had a new spark module two years ago.

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    Did you run the sleds out of gas in the spring? Putting fresh gas on top of old does nothing. 377 are very susceptible to bad fuel. Donít know why but they seem to have zero tolerance. Pull your carbs and clean them completely.


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      Well I had only a few litres of fuel left in the tanks and added stabilizer but that has no bearing on the weak spark. Spark is little and barely yellow. Could I have a corrosion on a main ground or something? Starter works well and battery charged so is the ignition ground else where?


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        Carbs still need to be cleaned. Because you have a similar condition on 2 sleds, I would say you have bad plugs. Resistor spark plugs have a shelf life. Date code on the stuff at Canadian Tire is usually long past itís prime. Go to a large reputable power sport dealer and get some SOLID cap b8es and try again. Do not check spark while using your electric start. Get some one to pull it over while you watch.