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Polaris CDI question

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  • Polaris CDI question

    I have a 74/75 TX 440 engine (EC44PT-04) with no CDI box or coil. I was told when I bought it that the 74/75 CDI's differ from 76 and later models. Anyone know for sure? Or will any year CDI box work for this. I also was told that the CDI needs to be for a from a 250 would not work.
    Any help is appreciated.


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    Jeff i have one from a 340 it might work? Not sure if there is any diffrence in coil i will see what i got laying around


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      I have a coil and CDI from a 78 250. Makes spark but Ive never tried to start it as I was under the impression it wont run right if at all. Is yours from a 74/75 TX?


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        it is 340 free air


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          ok thanks, Ill keep you in mind. Ill do more research to figure out what I need for sure. Jeff


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            Generally, if the plugs work, you are going to get spark. The advance curves were tailored to specific engines to an extent, but if you are just looking to be able to ride, its not really an issue. Really the only box that would be a problem on some of that older stuff would be something off a starfire factory racer.


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              Thanks Deadsled....I think ll give what I have a try...apparently the 78 and newer stators and boxes are a better spark curve. Now to find carbs....