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Elan 250 single head gasket

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  • Elan 250 single head gasket

    Hey guys,
    My 72 Elan blows head gaskets once a season. Is it a common problem? I've had it on both parts sleds I had. Cylinder and head on my engine after lapping on fine sandpaper are straight and flat (at least at the moment of assembly), but once I hit some difficult conditions on the lake head gasket leak is guaranteed. Changed it twice already. Used aftermarket gaskets from Royal and from Ebay - no luck. Maybe OEM is leak proof? Any source of OEM gaskets? Thanks for suggestions.

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    I had the same problem with an ET300 Yamaha. It was ok until it warmed up and then could hear it leaking. I had torqued the head to spec. but it would still leak every year when it first warmed up on the first ride. I just tightened the head bolts slightly more until the leak went away. I didn't go too far but just enough to stop the leak. I'll probably have to do it again this year.


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      Originally posted by circle boy View Post
      I had the same problem with an ET300 Yamaha.
      Thanks for suggestion, but I tried to over torque the nuts with the same result in the end.
      Tried to re-torque the head after a good first run, still same result(( So, I suspect the quality of the aftermarket gasket is no good...


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        Found NOS gasket on ebay from the later model engine (#420930981). Will give it a try.


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          Most likely what is happening with the leak is that the bolts, or studs themselves are stretching, on the Elan and my Enticer. Age, overheating, repeated torqueing or over torqueing have all contributed to the extreme distorting of the fasteners. Ultimately the fasteners may need to be replaced as they may get to a point where they fail, as in snap off, even before they get to their spec torque. I was always kind of waiting for that to happen on my Enticer.


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            Good point! I will look around for new studs as well while waiting for the gaskets.