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  • Attex 6 Wheeler

    Late seventy's Attex Superchief 6 wheeler all original unrestored 6 brand new correct tires and rims ,T 20 Borg Warner skid steer transmission,original 500cc Chaparral two smoke single Mikuni carb,runs well ,steers fine,body not cracked or broken,its all there with the exception of a small rubber connection to the air box,electric start,lights,had it a few years was on the list for a frame out resto but plans change and the garage space would be nice looking for twenty five hundred out of it half of that is the tire and rim cost alone and i would be selling this at a loss got more than that by a fair amount in it but thats the breaks located near North Bay PM me for further info once sold the coinage is going straight back in a vintage snow ride.Thanks Rob
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    That is a brand I've never seen before BUT not something I need ... I will ask some of my customers that hunt etc


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      LMAO Ron if i only owned things I need i wouldn't need a garage/storage building/enclosed trailer/4x4 truck or for that matter a dresser in the bedroom LOL Attex was undoubtedly the largest manufacturer on the U.S side mismanagement and the late seventy's crash in the rec industry took them down pretty much all their tech was bought up by a company in Buffalo named Max all terrain vehicles which in turn has been absorbed by Mudd Ox Corp,Attex still has a stanch following south of the border and parts pieces still available or reproduced a forum 6x6 .com is the greatest source of info,I also own a 8x8 Argo that is my workhorse of the bush this Attex copy was the fastest 6x6 ever built seems like back in the seventy,s that was the thing.Rob


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        My father in law had an 8 wheeler argo from the 70's ... tracks for it .. Mid 80's he got it out of the barn , dragged it to the house and got it
        started and took my wife and I for ride of our life ... Picture 3" of light snow on a frozen wheat field , 440 kohler engine and an old man
        with it twisted tight wide open drifting an long curve across this field to be followed by a sweep curve over a culvert , still wide open
        and into the next field where he grabbed the one stick and swung around . I wasn't quite terrified but when looking across at
        my wife , she was. ...
        I call him an old man but actually he would have been about my current age of 62
        but he gave meaning to the words "drive it like you stole it"
        He got it mired with the tracks in slush in Gravenhurst once ... took all day till it started freezing up again to get it out... I think
        that was when it got removed from trailer and parked in the barn.


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          LOL i can picture that for sure in the latter seventy,s I had the 6 wheel version of that machine it sported a made in Mississauga built Kohler 440 ams engine which i switched out for a Merc Trail Twister twin carb that thing would fly and the tracks that your father in law had back then were basically hard plastic blocks must of been a ride for sure now a days these units are heavy workhorses of the bush the insanity of the seventys and the men who built and rode them now either taking a dirt nap or Advil.R