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  • Arlberg 340 Magnum

    I was notified yesterday that I am the new owner of an Arlberg Magnum 340. I started asking questions earlier this summer . An old cottage was sold on our lake and i knew the original owner had a sled or two stored in the basement for the last 25 yrs or more. I met the guy that bought the place and he said when i gets to the basement clean out, he will call me regarding the sleds. True to his word he called me yesterday to tell me he dragged it out and if i wanted to come and get it. I said sure but what is it ? He read the name and at first I hadn't heard of it before. With a quick google search it appears to be rather rare ? I will have it Saturday and post pictures. Anyone know anything about these ?

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    Sounds like a sweet find. 340ss. could be a tuned pipe. Hope to see some pictures.


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      Well i dragged her home today. Missing the windshield but all else semms to be there. One small tear in the side of the seat. Its very dirty but the hood has no cracks and there is zero rusted out sections wich is nice. Just surface rust. Amazingly it turns over . I am missing the red tail light cover. Good power wash tomorrow for sure. Here's what it looks like how I found it.


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        Very nice find.


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          you even get a 1975 plate... Certainly not common in my area... think I had seen one at the flats show a few years back..
          I have found certain models of sleds will be common in an area that had a strong dealership.... check for a sold by sticker
          and see where it started out maybe....
          I have a number of 1975 TL433G's that all came from the same dealership in Meaford area... They had wandered slightly but the
          furthest was Listowel ...... Three of them have the same club stickers on them.... a 3 leaf clover.
          Nice find