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Alouette Villeneuve twin track Racer?.......

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  • Alouette Villeneuve twin track Racer?.......

    Bought a vintage race chassis today that I was told was an Alouette twin track race sled. Previous Owner(guy I bought it from) purchased it close to 20 years ago off an older gentleman who was trying to clean out his barn; and was an ex snowmobile racer and well known mechanic. "Story is adding up"......When questioned about the chassis being homemade or not? The original owner(man of few words I was told) said " No silly it's an Alouette race chassis" and he dropped it.....Here are some pictures lemme know what you think......It's well built, well balanced and lightweight......Comments and Questions welcome.....


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    Here is a link - scroll down - and you will see some photos of Villeneuve's Allouette Twin Tracker -


    IF it is what it is said to have something there.....


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      I would hang on to that until you are absolutely sure it is not an Alouette. I have several pics of the Villeneuve sleds and will look to see if there are similarities. If it is the real thing, it is a real find. There are lots of stories about what happened to them but non verified that I know of. Very interesting sled regardless.


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        Looks like something a farmer built from a manure-spreader frame. Definitely some work went into it, but can you imagine Villeneuve using all that heavy iron in a race sled??


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          After reviewing the link Al provided....I have found some similiarities....machine is exactly 120 inches long... but exactly 47" wide(not 45")...has 24" race skis.....race car like steering and pedals....All comments welcome...


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            Are there any good pics of the Alouette skids anywhere to compare?? What did the Supers run for skids?


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              This sled is light....very light(I can man handle it personally)....Almost all aluminum. Aluminum welds beautifully welded...I work in a shop and it takes a man of talent to weld aluminum(let alone well)......I appreciate the criticism both negative/positive...I'm just running off what i was told...there are alot of similarities....SO unless someone stole the blueprints and started copying dimensions...I will remain skeptical....


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                Wish it was true but sadly looks like yet another modified Manta racer or project w/ Manta parts?.

                The skids also alloy rear sides w/ drive access holes appear to be stock Manta but w/ custom Ifs and more..

                Lots else appears different including rollbar hoop supports not the same as any of the ATT sleds etc..

                Was this project ever even completed?.



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                  Damn fine clone in my opinion:

                  Wrong suspension front and rear.

                  I would suggest it is an early MANTA race sled. Right suspension in the rear.


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                    you boys very well could be right...I do see similarities ...


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                      I dug alittle into the Manta information and I see similarities and differences.... Overall length 108" -(this one 120"), width 44.5" (this one 47").....Rear suspension very much similar....front suspension/skis are not....Also the bare bones chassis of the manta looks to be in all pictures I can find different(other than hind quarters)....


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                        ** more pictures to come tomorrow ** These old race chassis are kinda neat complete height is lower than my knee and front is off the ground about the height of a flashlight laying on its side....


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                          Hmmm not sure the guy you got that from has had it for 20 years.. But it did fall off the face of the earth a good bit of time ago. I lost track of it about 15 years ago but it could have been 20 years ago..

                          I got the Alouette story alot of years ago from a guy who would know.( Frank Shetler sr) He took me out to see it,same deal the guy was a racer and a man of few words. .. It was South and West of Peterbourgh at the time. To bad Frank has passed on.

                          When I saw it last ( in the barn) it had section of Red body panel in the loft above it.. and the corner of a large A was showing.. I remember laughing at the fact that one flap had 2 rivets and the other 3. He wanted $125 for it at the time.

                          I bought a 71 I think 797 triple Blizzard chassis that was beside it in the barn. $80 bucks!!!! so it was a long time ago.


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                            Rusty - so you think this is what it might be said to be?


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                              Who knows.. Just the story is the same as the one I got years ago. The rear tin work is not the same as the Aloutte... But I do remember it being really light to pick up for it's size. I thought there was a few more parts on it at the time too. The panel could have been a super hood I was just starting out collecting something other than Ski-doo. Frank had rows of race sleds in his yard and knew alot about race stuff. But that was alot of years ago..

                              Even if it was a Manta racer would be a fun project..