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    The AGM in Wheatfield was a tough one for those of us that have been around ACSCC for a while. Our club is faced with a number of very tough decisions. Our membership has reached a point where we are no longer viable considering our current expenditures and we have to focus on those things that are working. Such as the Toronto International Show, Wheatfield summer show, establishing a winter ride, our Facebook page, our newsletter (more on that later) and try and regain our membership base.

    This web site has been without a major sponsor for a long time and it costs our organization approximately $700 per year to keep it operational. We have been without a volunteer to manage and update this site for many years. The functionality and usefulness of the site is questionable. The Directors would like to end date this site and perhaps replace it with something more cost effective but it would not have a discussion forum. The information currently contained in this site would not be archived and would likely be lost.

    The Directors would like to hear the opinion of those still using this site. So please respond respectfully one way or another, provide us with your opinion regarding this site. Also let us know how you can help improve the club and make it relevant for you.

    I will post the minutes of the AGM shortly.

    Don Hamilton VP ACSCC

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    Don ! I'm no longer a member so this is coming from the cheapest of seats. When I was a member I found the news letter of no value, most of the time I never read it. It may have changed in the past couple of years so maybe this is off base. Rusty!
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      Thank you for taking the time to respond, I knew I could count on you John. Yes the newsletter really needs some work, and yes not everyone reads it. It is difficult for a very small club to produce something that is relevant, up to date and is printed. I have tested an electronic version and it may be the way to go in the future. It is in a PDF format and for those that want a hard copy can print it. Please keep the comments coming.

      So far there is no one who has said they would like to see this site remain. Don


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        Hi Don,
        The website has served it's purpose and if it is bleeding the club then we need to cut the losses. I like forums as they do filter out a lot of the stuff a Facebook page received. The downfall is the expense, policing, and the maintenance time which is often more valuable, required by administration. Looking at the stats on this topic alone is proof, One response from a former member and myself a paid member in the last 4 days.Thanks for your efforts and hard work to keep this club in existence.
        Joe Holborn


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          Don, you and I can have a chat on Saturday about this. It's a little easier face to face. BTW, if the website is costing the club more then it is worth then perhaps it is time, sadly, to end it, in my opinion.


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            It would be good business to close off the site ,,, I can probably use a gmail to get my IDQ .... I do most of my site checking here at work in spare moments
            during the day , while I eat at my counter or when I lock the door at night ... unload a trailer each morning at 7 and leave towards 6pm.. ( my wife says I spend
            too much time here but cant stay home until I learn to stay out of here way )...
            Often it seems to be me and a few others only posting to site...
            My internet at home just surpasses dial up so seldom check anything there..
            I see how much time "people" can spend being attached to smart phones and facebook so I've stayed away from them (still using flip phone and TV is an antenna).
            Health wise .. No better than 4 years ago ... down to a walk , or a drudge pace , couldn't even consider huffing a sled around. Probably going to see my DR in
            Sept after a few other peoples here at work get their lives back together. ..
            Still seem to be able to sit and drive (not a great passenger) when B is with me...
            Working many Sat and church on Sunday have cut into sled stuff but mostly a lack of pizz and vinegar on my part..
            Intending to remain with club and hoping the DR might find something wrong they can fix.
            Still enjoy my IDQ as it keeps me in contact even though as Rusty/John said it is behind the times .. but so am I


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              I for one, would like to see the website remain. However, the form and function of it needs to change dramatically.

              I belong to several other groups related to non snowmobile toys that all have dynamic and vibrant communities based around very successful websites. The common theme is that anyone can read the content (you don’t get to see pictures) but in order to post or see the pictures, you have to be a member. Right now there is no benefit to being a member on here.

              Next issue is the decision to be on Facebook. You have essentially divided and conquered yourself. Two web presences, both highly disfunctional without the resources to run either.

              I think the facebook page should point to the website - that’s what many other groups do.

              As far as dwindling membership, I go back to my earlier statements 1) where are the benefits 2) the Facebook page and the website do nothing for anyone

              A quality website (easy to post, easy to search) with a good “help” section and super easy classifieds would be a selling point of the membership.

              If you want to appeal to the younger demographic, the website needs to be much much better. The kids don’t use Facebook - they use Instagram and several others and websites. Facebook Is the domain of the “olds”.

              Anyway, that is my $.02