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ACSCC AGM - Saturday August 10 2019 - 2:00 PM - In the Wheatfield -

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  • ACSCC AGM - Saturday August 10 2019 - 2:00 PM - In the Wheatfield -

    The ACSCC AGM 2019 will be held August 10 at 2:00 PM at the Wheatfield Rendezvous (nice to have the AGM back on a farm again and in August) near Cobourg.

    We have some very real issues to deal with at this AGM

    1) The web site membership database was developed 10 years ago - and with recent server upgrades, our technology is now antiquated and needs to be updated. We have a price of around $600 to do this. We have had no web site sponsor for almost 4 years now since Royal stopped making a donation.

    2) Secretary / Treasurer - we have yet to have anyone step up and take over, and Melissa has started her own business as of January which requires her attention. As do the children. We do need some one with an accounting background to take over this role

    3) Newsletter - Jenna is stepping down at the end of 2019 as she needs to focus her self on her work, kids, and growing farming operation.

    4) Membership numbers - despite our efforts, we don't seem to be able to grow. We did have some positive signs last year, but things have been stagnant since March and lots of non-renewals (I suspect we may have a few at the Wheatfield and we will be prepping membership kits with Q1 & Q2 ready to go.)

    5) We have not had for some time a web site / social media director - we need some one with a tech background to step up -

    From the President's chair, I have to consider all possibilities - including the feasibility of the club not being able to sustain it's self financially and volunteer wise. We can discuss this at the AGM.
    That is all for now.
    Alex Lamore
    ACSCC President 2018 - 2019 -

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