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A bit of Club History - circa 1982 -

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  • A bit of Club History - circa 1982 -

    Just received something very historically significant to the ACSCC from Ross J. - > "Here are the only two photos ever taken of the inaugural meeting of ACSCC... and interestingly, and contrary to my own memory... they were taken in September of 1982... not October as the history of the club states... but that would be my fault.. I wrote the history. LOL My mother took these of the TV coverage on the evening of the day we met. I was already back at home in Uxbridge when the coverage aired.
    In the pictures are me on the left, Frank Shetler, Paul Parish. In the photo with all participants, Bill Fullerton is on the far right, with tv reporter Garth (canít remember his last name) to Billís right, our left."

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    Nice find ... I always find it curious that oldest sleds shown were only about 15 years old .... they were not so much antiques but the
    changes in sled design and manufacturing quality made them seem OLD ...