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  • Snowmobile in Newfoundland


    It’s a buddy’s birthday coming up towards the end of the year and we are taking him out on some vintage snowmobiles to celebrate. He’s a big fan of hitting the snow and loves old vintage snowmobiles so I think the week is going to be perfect for him. He’s a sucker for old stuff so I found a website with loads of vintage snowmobile gear for sale - - and have found an 80’s snowmobile suit for him to wear for a laugh.

    So the question is where is the best place to take him? His birthday is in early December and we were thinking about going to Newfoundland. Can anyone recommend a good place to go for a long week of snowmobile fun. We want somewhere with good trails but also access to a town so we can celebrate his birthday in a more traditional alcohol and nice food related way when we take a break from the snow.

    Any advice you can give is gratefully received.
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    try PM or email huski jack ..... I expect he will be aware of any area that might have snow that early ..... not sure about drinking and
    riding rules there... but you might need him to put the suit on in the dark , so he cant see it.