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  • Need a Stator

    I have been trying to find a stator for my 78 Arctic Cat Panther and haven't had much luck. Found a couple in the states but hoping to get one closer to home. Does anyone have a stator for a 78 Arctic Panther with the Spirit 500 Fan motor. Sus*** NB

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    Send me a picture as I have about 20 stators left over from Peterboro show but not sure what they fit.


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      sledman , where is closer to home ?? I have an "unknown" stator etc from my "spare" 500 from quad trac..I'm not sure
      what year it is as the motor mounts were redrilled to align belt (crank 3/4" diff from one in quad).Supposed to be
      an 1979 or 1980 pantera motor.Mine is for elec start if that maters..I found this site online
      and it shows diff models and years.
      My spare is already apart..I'm east of Newmarket , ont


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        I looked at 79 and 80 pantera and they differ ,, maybe # of wires ?


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          looking at stators on alpha sports.... 78 diff then 79 diff then 80-81.....80-81 has a 3rd single
          wiring plug not shown in 78 or 79 version ... same trigger sensor on all... My cat engine might be
          a mix of different years and model , but does have 3rd wire plug...I will need to look at spare
          and see it only has double cluster plugs .I noticed this is posted as eastern , but expect mail goes there too.


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            There is a stator for 78 cat 500 f/c on kijiji new Welland Ont. for 50.00. Not sure how this would work for you. Ad # is 450405843. Where is home.

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